[ATLP02] Tin Man-Neo Neo Acid

Neo Neo Acid, Tin Man's full-­length continuation of the pivotal Nonneo single, delves further into the mind-body separation. It’s as straightforwardly club-­ready as anything Tin Man has released, but its ambitions are no less lofty: Neo Neo Acid creates a space beyond intellect, a stimulant for creativity at its least abstracted.

As the title implies, the 303 remains very much at the center of these dance floor excursions, whether holding down the low-end on “Devine Acid” and “The Muses” or stretching far and wide across the track, as we hear on “Museum Of Acid” and “Absurdist Acid.” It’s uncanny how simply Tin Man whips up a frenzy: a cut like “Futurist Acid,” with crisp hi-­hats and a steady thump delivering a circular 303 line with little more than delay as ornamentation, evokes a multitude of colors and emotions. Auvinen’s compositional intuition is as strong as ever here, its tracks unfolding with simultaneous calm and immediacy.

Mastered / Cut by Rashad at Dubplates & Mastering

Distributed worldwide by Groove Distribution Chicago

  • A1 - Museum of Acid
  • A2 - Manifesto Acid
  • A3 - Devine Acid
  • A4 - Futurist Acid
  • B1 - The Muses
  • B2 - Plastic Arts
  • B3 - Finger Paint
  • B4 - Absurist Acid