[ASD016] -Acid Test 02

Part 2 in the Acid Test series comes by way of a new project from Berlin's Iron Curtis.
Along with his partner Edit Piafra we introduce 'Achterbahn d'Amour'.
"Your Love" is a live jam with melancholic chords and reverbed vocals sneaking in. Slow and cranky clocking in at a mere 115 bpm. While the even slower "Talking Acid" has a slo-mo dub vibe with a little 303 bassline. London's Idjut Boys turn in 2 massive remixes of "Your Love" - Uncompromising drugged-out stuff with dark delayed soundscapes.

  • A1 - Your Love (In A Jam)
  • A2 - Talking Acid
  • B1 - Your Love - Idjut Boys Version House
  • B2 - Your Love - Idjut Boys Version Acid