Little White Earbuds review of Tin Man - Acid Test 01

Johannes Auvinen, best known as Tin Man, is the ultimate techno drifter. He’s wandered geographically (from Los Angeles to Vienna) and sonically (from twisted post-apocalyptic Chicago etudes to acid-tinged synth pop), and he’s never been particularly choosy about his passport (he followed an EP for techno mainstay Cheap by one for outré-indie boutique label White Denim). For an artist so in line with our handcrafted, old-school-obsessed moment, Auvinen is hardly a major player in the zeitgeist. His invisibility might be a shame for dance music, but I’m guessing being “neglected” suits the eternally downtrodden Tin Man just fine.

But mark my words: the mystery won’t last through 2011. It can’t. His latest 12″, this time for LA-based Absurd Recordings as part of their new Acid Test series, is just too good. It would be an incredible record if only for “Nonneo,” a new Tin Man joint which is brighter, punchier, and more floor-ready than practically any other record in his discography. But the fact that Donato Dozzy, the Italian techno shaman and elite member of mnml ssgs’s spank bank, has supplied a remix of “Nonneo” — one which transforms the original into one of the most otherworldy instrumentals to grace my inbox in a few minutes — seems destined to shine a very bright light on one of techno’s palest denizens.

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